Kamchatka 2020
Incredible active volcanoes and the majestic Pacific Ocean, whales and bears at arm's length, delicious red caviar and crabs. The new route "Kamchatka: Ocean and Volcanoes" will introduce you to the fascinating and wild nature of Kamchatka.

You do not need to be particularly physically fit. All hikes are performed with a light backpack of basic daily supplies. Heavy items (camping equipment, clothes, etc.) will be transported on catamarans or in a car. We will sleep in tents for 6 nights and in hotels/B&Bs for 4 nights.

Kamchatka is true natural wilderness, untouched by mass tourism, and it's almost impossible to get to many parts of the peninsula without special transport and local guides.

With us you can visit unique places that are untouched by civilization and, if you're lucky, see a killer whale or a seal at arm's length.

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11 days
Group size
16 people
1300 euros
Our tour includes a sea trip to Vilyuchinskaya, Listvennichnaya, and Bolshaya Sarannaya bays, a visit to Paratunka's "Minor Valley of Geysers" resort area with hot springs, and ascents to Avanchinsky, Gorely and Mutnovsky volcanoes.

In addition, Kamchatka is one of the few places in Russia where one can surf all year long. You can extend your stay and spend a few days on the shore of Pacific Ocean in a surf camp.
Our route
"Home" volcanoes Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky
Arrival in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, check-in at the hotel in Paratunka (resort village with thermal springs). Excursion in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky with a stop at the observation deck of Mishennaya hill to get a stunning view of the city and Avachinskaya Bay, a trip to the coast of the Pacific Ocean on the black sand beach.
Day 1:
Arrival and excursion around Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky
* The first day program is designed for tourists arriving before 1pm
Day 2:
Start of the sea voyage
Early rise and breakfast in the hotel. We go to the port of Avachinskaya Bay, get on the catamarans and go south along the coast to one of the most beautiful bays of Kamchatka - Vilyuchinskaya, with a view on the eponymous volcano. On the way we pass spectacular Three Brothers rocks and Starichkov island inhabited by flocks of seabirds. During the sea trips you can meet whales, killer whales, seals, sea otters, sea lions, and many species of seabirds. The sea trip on this day takes about 4 hours.
View of the Vilyuchinsky volcano
Day 3:
Listvennichnaya Bay
Tilda Publishing
In the morning we do a three-hour hike to a picturesque waterfall. In the afternoon we take catamarans to go further south visiting Falshivaya and Russkaya bays. We look at the rookery of seals and sea lions on Cape Kekurny. The final point this day is Listvennichnaya Bay where we camp at the ichthiologists' (fish scientists, obviously!) station. The sea trip takes about 4 hours.
Sea lion rookery on Kekurny Cape at an arm's length
Day 4:
Exploring the area and kayaking
Sea trip to Berezovaya Bay along the very beautiful coast of Rukavichka Bay and Cape Polosatiy. Kayaking in a bay. Resting on the beach. Those not afraid of cold water can swim in the ocean.
We travel by sea on two motored catamarans
Throughout the whole ocean part of route you can go kayaking on lakes and rivers in your spare time
Early rise and a hike to a beautifully peaceful Listvennichnoye Lake, kayaking on a lake surrounded by high hills. After lunch, the sea trip back north - to Bolshaya Sarannaya bay. Once again we visit the rookery of sea lions and admire the landscapes of the Kamchatka coast. At the Opasniy Cape we stop for an hour to fish for perch and cod. The trip takes about 6 hours.
Day 5:
Hiking to a lake and fishing
Day 6:
Return to the city, free time
At the sunrise we go kayaking on the picturesque Bolshoye Sarannoye lake located between the Vilyuchinsky volcano and the ocean. After breakfast we return to Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky. On the way we pass the Spasenie Bay with an interesting labyrinth of rocks and caves. We should be in the city around 14:00-15:00. After lunch you'll have free time. A group trip to the Russian sauna can be arranged.
Cooking freshly caught fish
on the fire
Day 7:
Ascent to Gorely volcano
We go to the Gorely volcano on a truck. The journey takes about 4 hours. We go trekking to the crater of the Gorely volcano, at the top we will see several picturesque craters with lakes and a beautiful view of several volcanoes (Vilyuchinsky, Mutnovsky, Asacha, Opala), all the plateaus of the Gorely volcano and its caldera. The ascent is 900 meters, climbing is simple and usually takes about 2 hours, with another hour to enjoy walking around the crater. We descend and drive to the Mutnovsky volcano (the road will take about 1 hour), where we camp.
The crater of the Gorely volcano
Day 8:
Hike to the crater of the active Mutnovsky volcano
In the morning we go to the crater of the insanely beautiful Mutnovsky volcano - steep walls of the crater, colorful rocks, boiling sulfur and mud, sulfur fumaroles, a lake with blue water and snowy slopes. For several hours we are visiting the craters of the Mutnovsky volcano, including the so-called "active funnel". We spend the night in the camp. If the sky is clear we admire the sun setting behind the volcanoes and the starfall at night.
Mutnovsky volcano
Day 9: Thermal springs
In the morning we pack up and drive to Mutnovskaya power station - the largest geothermal power station in Russia. We bathe in the Dacha thermal springs (sometimes called the "Minor Valley of Geysers") and in the evening we return to Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky. Sleeping at the hotel.
Bathing in hot springs and waterfalls
Day 10:
Ascent to the Avachinsky volcano (2751m)
We drive to the bottom of Avachinsky volcano.The trek to the summit at an average pace takes about 5-7 hours. The Avachinsky volcano is distinguished by its symmetrical cone-shaped form, and on its top we'll have a stunning view of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, Avachinskaya Bay, the Pacific coast, Nalychevskaya valley, Koryaksky, Kozelsky, Zhupanovsky and Mutnovsky volcanoes. The volcanic activity does not stop in the crater, it smells of sulfur and fumaroles hover. In the evening we return to the hotel.
Koryaksky volcano in the background
Day 11:
Souvenirs and departure
In the morning we go to the fish market to buy red caviar, smoked fish and crabs. In the souvenir shop we buy T-shirts with bears and magnets with seals. Then we go to the airport. Kamchatka, you've been amazing, thank you and goodbye!
Famous Kamchatka crabs
*** Additional days (optional):
Surfing on the Halaktyr beach
You can spend several days before or after the main program in the Snowave surf camp, living on the Halaktyr beach and surfing in the Pacific with professional instructors.

Tell us if you'd like to go to the surf camp and we will help to organize it.
What should I bring?
- sleeping bag (comfort temperature +4 and below)
- backpack for 65 liters and above
- sleeping mat
- trekking boots
- other shoes (rubber boots, sandals or sneakers)
- thermal underwear
- waterproof pants
- waterproof jacket (preferably with a membrane and a hood)
- raincoat
- fleece sweater
- hat
- warm socks

- baseball cap/panama hat
- sunglasses
- swimsuit
- plate, mug, cutlery
- sunscreen
- foam seat pad
- flashlight
- trekking poles
- insect repellent
- mosquito net hat (optional)
- individual first-aid kit
- gaiters (optional)
How much does it cost?
The price of the tour is 1,300 euro
Included in the price:

- transportation according to the route
- transfer from and to the airport
- accommodation in hotels/B&Bs (shared double rooms)
- an instructor guide
- three big meals a day on the route
- rent of public equipment (tents, fire equipment)

The guide meets you at the airport and everything is arranged for you -
transportation, accommodation, meals, guidance and any necessary assistance.

Food at the camp is prepared together by group members.
The price does not include:
- flights to Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky
- lunch in a cafe on the 1st day in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky
- visit to Russian sauna

Payment and booking:
Submit your details using the form on this site to pre-book your space in the group.
After the form is submitted the coordinator will contact you to confirm availability in the group and will send you payment instructions. Pre-booking is valid for 14 days.
For final booking an advance payment of 300 euro is required. In case of cancellation the advance payment will be refunded if we find a replacement for your spot.
Russian Visa
Travellers from most countries are required to obtain a visa when visiting Russia. In general, tourists can apply for a stay of up to 30 days. The best time to start your visa application procedure is 2 months prior to departure. Usually, it takes around 10 business days for the Consulate to process your documents and issue your visa. Processing time and consular fees may vary from country to country.

To apply for a Russian tourist visa, you need an official letter of invitation, also known as a visa support letter. We will provide it for free upon booking a tour.
Happy to answer any questions

Photo: Dima Kozlov, Nikita Protsenko, Leo Gastev, Katya Dyba, Olya Demidova